Basic Usage

Basic Usage

This is a basic example of using the Completion endpoint. It allows you to ask a question with some context, and the LLM will reply back to you.

Installing SDK

Install using pip.

pip intall bedrock_anthropic


Creating a simple Completion query.

import os
from bedrock_anthropic import AnthropicBedrock
anthropic = AnthropicBedrock(
completion = anthropic.Completion.create(
    prompt="Why is the sky blue?",


There are a few main reasons why the sky appears blue:
- Rayleigh scattering - Light from the sun is scattered by nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the atmosphere. Shorter wavelengths like blue and violet are scattered more easily than longer wavelengths, making the sky appear blue.
- The composition of the atmosphere - Nitrogen and oxygen account for most of the atmosphere. These gases are efficient at scattering blue light.
- The angle of the sun - The sky appears blue during the day but red/orange during sunrise and sunset because of the angle sunlight has to pass through the atmosphere. More blue light is scattered away from the line of sight when the sun is higher overhead.
- Water and dust - Additional scattering by water and dust particles in the atmosphere can also contribute to the blue color.
So in summary, the main factors are Rayleigh scattering by air molecules that preferentially scatters blue light, the gases that make up our atmosphere, and the angle/amount of atmosphere sunlight has to pass through. This gives the sky its familiar blue hue during the day.